Efort Group

O.L.C.I. Engineering is part of EFORT W.F.C., with a clear mission: to be the Technological Observatory of the group.

Automated and networked manufacturing technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing.

The world of production is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are affecting the evolution of production technologies.

Therefore, today the role of O.L.C.I. Engineering within Efort W.F.C. is even more strategic and crucial, with the task of anticipating and responding to the technological production challenges of the reference sectors.

The profound competence of O.L.C.I. Engineering staff represents a fundamental resource for addressing the complexity of robotic automation, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and the new needs for production flexibility.

The Research & Development of Efort W.F.C. goes right through O.L.C.I. Engineering, which guides its evolution as the Group’s Technological Observatory.

Our Organization

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