O.L.C.I. Engineering excellence is the result of its efficient and innovative team organization.

O.L.C.I. Engineering excellence is the result of multiple factors, but one of the fundamental keys certainly is its efficient and innovative team organization.

Through the interaction of different but complementary skills, the O.L.C.I. Engineering teams can provide all-round solutions and follow extremely complex projects from the start to the end, providing full assistance and creating tailor-made solutions for every need.

Our Customers are constantly supported by a specific team that knows the project requirements and the goals to be achieved from the very beginning of the mutual cooperation, sharing every choice, every progress, every detail until the completion of the project.

Over the last few years O.L.C.I. Engineering has further improved the work organization to manage multiple projects at the same time and enhance the internal know-how and skills, through the implementation of various teams dedicated to our Customers’ portfolio.



Fabrizio Ceresa

BOD Chairman and CEO of O.L.C.I. Engineering

Managing Director and CEO of EFORT W.F.C., various BOD positions within EFORT W.F.C.

Daily Kang Fondo Nero

Kang Bin

O.L.C.I. Engineering Director

Non-Executive Director of EFORT Europe S.r.l., Deputy General Manager/CFO/Board Secretary of EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, various BOD positions within the EFORT Group.

Marco Basto

Marco Basto

Managing Director of O.L.C.I. Engineering