About Us

Our mission is to develop solutions for manufacturing processes.

The company is part of Efort W.F.C., a holding company that represents excellence in the industrial automation market.

Our mission is to develop solutions for manufacturing processes with high productivity and reliability, through the integration of the most advanced available technologies, as a leading Group on the market.

Today O.L.C.I. Engineering is a market leader in the development, design, and implementation of advanced production systems for the Automotive Industry.


The quality of production processes is fundamental to O.L.C.I. Engineering. Attention to quality covers all areas and all activities not only at O.L.C.I. Engineering, but in all the companies of the Group.

To ensure the highest possible quality to the Customer, O.L.C.I. Engineering has made the choice not to outsource strategic skills for the development of its projects, so as to be able to monitor the entire production process from the early design phase to the final installation and commissioning at Customer’s plant.

Turnkey Solutions

The ability to create turnkey production systems for the Customer is one of the essential features of Efort W.F.C.: O.L.C.I. Engineering supervises and manages the projects through an accurate coordination of all Group companies.

Thanks to the operational synergies among the companies and the proven expertise of its project teams, O.L.C.I. Engineering can undertake the full responsibility for the projects acquired, managing the entire workflow from design to delivery of the turnkey system.

O.L.C.I. Engineering works closely with the Customer during all phases of the process, to meet all the needs that arise both in the kick-off phase and during the development of the entire project, proposing innovative solutions and ensuring system functionality after installation at Customer’s plant.