A New Idea for a Multi-Model Production System

From one to one hundred different car models.

The average life cycle of a car model is estimated to be of few years, therefore industrialization costs must be reduced as much as possible. Our new multi-model production system with AGVs perfectly fits this requirement, giving our Customers the opportunity of reducing the investment on the first model (just robots, process tools, specific geometry jigs and the first AGVs), whereas for the second model the quantity of AGVs will be increased and, from the third model onwards, the investment will consist of specific process tools (welding guns, grippers, etc.).

And last, but not least: model change takes place with zero-loss launches, while production is running.

Assembly parts are prepared in racks on AGVs outside the production line in so called “supermarket kitting areas”, where operators are engaged full time, not depending on the production line cycle.